Invest in YOU!

There are lots of people out there that are offering really amazing classes, seminars and courses that could change our lives forever! But in this world of the information overload, they often go overlooked. Its all right here at our finger tips and the reality is most of it really works IF we do theContinue reading “Invest in YOU!”

Whats your Mocean?

We here at The Mocean Project/Mocean365  are influenced and inspired by many forms of movement. First and foremost will always be adventure and action sports. Most every way we move flows from that.We have dabbled in many flavors and will always seek out new styles. Some are taken straight from a physical task we hadContinue reading “Whats your Mocean?”

Money and our relationship with it.

I can think of no greater cause of stress and anxiety currently plaguing our society than money. Actually money might not be the fundamental root cause of it, but instead our relationship or the way our current money system is working(or not). The current financial collapse was imminent and it will not get better anytimeContinue reading “Money and our relationship with it.”

MindFull Attempts vs. Mindless reps.

At last nights Mocean365 Outdoor Movement Session I was leading, it dawned on me. The thought of the importance of working towards improving how we move is so much more important than “just moving”. I mean this wasn’t really a new thought of course as I integrate skill work into almost every movement session I lead. ButContinue reading “MindFull Attempts vs. Mindless reps.”

Hey parents (yeah you), STOP BEING SUCH WIMPS!!!

Was talking to a guy earlier while filling up the Mocean mobile with overpriced dinosaur bones juice. He came over and looked at the van and said “What da hell does that say”? “Mocean, man, as in physical movement”.  Blank look..”Whatcha do”?  He asked kinda puzzled. “I help get people more active, kids, adults, ya know”?  More kindaContinue reading “Hey parents (yeah you), STOP BEING SUCH WIMPS!!!”

Adventures to Come….in Our Own Traveling Tiny Home!

This has been a rough winter, I have to admit…the lack of surf in the ocean coupled with the lack of snow in the mountains has left us longing for a storm, or if not then some consistent sun, or even a little tease!  Our bodies and our spirits are longing for adventure and challenges andContinue reading “Adventures to Come….in Our Own Traveling Tiny Home!”