Adventures to Come….in Our Own Traveling Tiny Home!

This has been a rough winter, I have to admit…the lack of surf in the ocean coupled with the lack of snow in the mountains has left us longing for a storm, or if not then some consistent sun, or even a little tease!  Our bodies and our spirits are longing for adventure and challenges and to be humbled yet again by the elements of nature that we hold so dear; could be through carving through that deep powder or dropping into that overhead wave!  We train on ‘off ‘ season’s so we can rip it up when it’s on.  But Mama Nature is sick, has a fever and we feel for her, we are seeing the side effects that she is experiencing…so we are patient.  This year has taught us so much….patience, positivity amongst the stagnancy, living in the present and how to fill our spirits up in other ways…we have become more creative with our time…Skye has worked on becoming a more kick ass drummer while I have been writing and drawing and attempting to get my ass to practice the bass.

AND I have been doing alot of daydreaming, as most good pisces do!  Daydreaming about what spring will bring (even as I try to remember to live in the present!)….. I’m over winter!  We will be hitting the road again, living in and out of the van and I cannot wait!!  We have been working on our plans for our tiny home on wheels, whether that is a home on a trailer someday or amping up Zephyr, Skye’s trusty,  beloved sprinter van.  Zephyr rocks!  For now we will continue cruising with Zephyr and our heads are spinning with new ideas to make him rock even more.

Not only does living in a van (down by the river!) make for cheap living, it also ensures that you are outside 90% of each and every day…which brings sun, wind, rain and the sense of being alive.  It brings more passion and spirit for all that life has to offer, and it ensures we are moving our bodies fully and completely in a variety of life affirming ways, whether that be in the ocean, on the dirt jumps, riding down the mountain or rolling around in the grass!

So, the plans are beginning and the drawing has begun!  Below are a few drawings that attempt to illustrate the current state of the van…at least it gives you a rough idea, because really that thing is stocked with so many various functional and utilitarian ways to live out of a rig (that I, being a hack of a drawer could not convey!).  Skye first started converting the van back in ’05 and it has taken on some pretty damn efficient changes and upgrades as time has gone by and as our needs and lack there of have changed.

Now….here’s a little music for ya….that patience and practice has paid off!!!

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2 thoughts on “Adventures to Come….in Our Own Traveling Tiny Home!

  1. great blueprint (literally and figuratively!) for your next step. you’re very lucky to live a lifestyle that has eluded so many with a “you can do it” attitude and leading by example through the mocean project. so impressed how you and skye are always thinking and evolving in the blink of an eye and all DIY! good stuff! will look forward to hearing, reading and seeing how the journey goes. have to ask though – are those drums really going into that van?! as for mother earth, let’s hope she’s a tease and that she’ll bounce back even more welcoming and beautiful than ever. good travels ahead!

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