Truly inspiring video that might change your day(or life)

The interweb is alive these days with inspiring videos. Its almost overwhelming at times really. With this in mind, you would think that people that engage with these videos would have constant sources of inspiration and therefore, be inspired eh?! But like anything in excess..It is probably just too much for many and they areContinue reading “Truly inspiring video that might change your day(or life)”

Movement Personified

Sometimes you see someone so in the flow that it baffles the mind. Alex Honnold is a rockclimber that prefers to climb without ropes. He does some of the hardest climbs in the world and is constantly setting records. Here is a fun video to try and get an idea of what some mastery ofContinue reading “Movement Personified”

With out Risk there is little reward.

  You have it heard it before..probably too many times yet it still might not sink in. What we perceive as putting it on the line can become less and less of a focus in our lives. The quest for comfort, warmth and safety beckons us to take shelter from our fears. What if weContinue reading “With out Risk there is little reward.”

R.I.P. JP Auclair

Another great person has left us doing what he loves but far too young. JP Auclair had immense talent and originality, creativity and more importantly, he sounds like he was a stellar human being. He perished in an avalanche  on Monday September 29th alongside, Andreas Frannson, and Liz Daley in Chile. We are paying homage toContinue reading “R.I.P. JP Auclair”

Approach Your Life Like A Ninja

If you have been following along here at The Mocean Project, you have probably heard me rattle on about the benefits of a movement approach vs. exercise and i feel its something that could be talked about until your blue in the face. Fact is, the world of exercise and fitness does its best toContinue reading “Approach Your Life Like A Ninja”