Self Myofascial Massage

Self Myofascial Massage is something Skye and I try to practice on a regular basis.  In fact, I just finished up a 30 minute session! Although not a new concept by any stretch, it seems to be popping up in popularity these days across the spectrum of movement enthusiasts, alternative therapists and those looking toContinue reading “Self Myofascial Massage”

The Waterlust Project – A GoPro Film Series

Tony ripping last fall. Pic By Mocean365.       Back from surfing some cold ass waves in a state that is our most eastern geographically oriented in the U.S.  Day 2 of the new swell we have here, been big but pretty chunky and hard to figure out. A couple buddies and I were driving today checking spots tryingContinue reading “The Waterlust Project – A GoPro Film Series”

The surf industry greens up, slowly but surely.

So you would think of surfing as an environmentally sound endeavor right? But the reality is that only as of late has there been a concerted effort industry wide to improve the footprint of surfing. It is overall still a very “dirty” sport in relation to its perception and the reality of the industry practices,Continue reading “The surf industry greens up, slowly but surely.”

What’s your excuse? Live Life Alive!

We all either battle or have battled adversity and it is often what truly brings us to a new level of living life alive. Just read the story of Derek Rabelo over on The Inertia website which is a great site that I’ve been contributing some content to. You could check the video and storyContinue reading “What’s your excuse? Live Life Alive!”

Does sex count as exercise or movement?

It’s crazy how this country especially is actually sexually repressed and sex between consenting adults is one of the best forms of movement there is. Its ancient, its proven and the bond it builds is incredible. It’s a proven form of relief to many common ailments. But of course you must have all of theContinue reading “Does sex count as exercise or movement?”