Seek Your Bliss, You Got to Seek Your Bliss

Every year for Thanksgiving, Skye writes a bit of a rap/poem/speech/humerous diatribe of sorts to share with the crew surrounding the table.  The rap is always accompanied by participation by all those around…whether that be to sing the chorus or stomp their feet or clap their hands to keep a rhythm.  It’s always funny yet meanigful,Continue reading “Seek Your Bliss, You Got to Seek Your Bliss”

Mocean Van gets a facelift

Brian Clark Artist extraordinaire recently worked his magic on the ol’ Mocean van, giving it some fresh life(though its been in the shop for over a month). He did it during some downtime at the NEMBA mountain bike festival at Burke Mountain VT. Not long after this he competed in another Magic Hat “Wall toContinue reading “Mocean Van gets a facelift”

The Mocean Project has a new logo!

So The Mocean Project has a new logo that was done by ElyseNoelle Designs. Elyse listened to our vision and went right out and nailed it! If you need any design work you should really give her a shout. Super easy to work with and very motivated and really understands even our vague wishes. RockContinue reading “The Mocean Project has a new logo!”

3 Battles; Struggle to unify mind, body and spirit.

Working on some new music with our newly named band, 3 Battles, which represents the struggle to unify the mind, body and spirit. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia on the subject. “Some say the meaning of Sanchin (“Three battles”) relates to the three journeys of life; Developing body, mind and spirit. Through proper martial arts training,Continue reading “3 Battles; Struggle to unify mind, body and spirit.”