3 Battles; Struggle to unify mind, body and spirit.

Working on some new music with our newly named band, 3 Battles, which represents the struggle to unify the mind, body and spirit.

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia on the subject.

“Some say the meaning of Sanchin (“Three battles”) relates to the three journeys of life; Developing body, mind and spirit. Through proper martial arts training, one properly learns to develop her or his body through exercise and practice of kata/forms. Later, one begins to understand the true meaning of one’s training and develops an understanding of bunkai and history, developing the mind. Spirit is developed much later in life and is only understood by those who have achieved this.”

This name was suggested by Mike, our guitarist who is a martial artist and we instantly knew it was the one as it is something that is so pertinent to life, not just martial arts or music.

We are practicing every week and having fun. Pretty stoked to be playing with these cats, who are solid all around people. Here is a video of some of our recent practice, thanks for your patience as we develop.

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