Does sex count as exercise or movement?

It’s crazy how this country especially is actually sexually repressed and sex between consenting adults is one of the best forms of movement there is. Its ancient, its proven and the bond it builds is incredible.

It’s a proven form of relief to many common ailments. But of course you must have all of the disclaimers from all sides of the fence both in relation to politics and religion. “as long as your safe”, “as long as it’s between a man and a woman”, “as long as your married”.

But when all the elements align, it’s just pure, good ol’ fashioned fun, a great workout and a true gift.

Check the video below and please, HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOUR”!  sex can also be funny and (Take FUN and add NY) so lighten up, loosen up and  get it on!

We want to hear your thoughts and feedback on the subject so lets have em!

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2 thoughts on “Does sex count as exercise or movement?

  1. Wow. Is this country really sexually repressed?! The Mocean Project is bringing sexy back! Good movement tip and we should all remember that sex can also be a great DIY if you have the right tools! Definitely get your point on humor – hopefully not laughing through the WHOLE exercise! I’ve tried this as both a serious workout and as good old fashioned fun and recommended it highly as a spontaneous adventure. Maybe loosen up BEFORE to make the exercise that much better. And if the elements don’t align, do this workout and they might all align before your done!

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