The Greatest Biking Video Ever?!

Danny MacAskill has outdone himself! The Scottish trials rider has truly taken it to the next level with his latest edit. You might remember Danny in his other videos such as the revolutionary and stunning Imaginate . In this movie he recreated a childhood fantasy scene where he was actually doing things he used to dream about. The result is breathtaking and more remarkably, was done not long after he had Serious back surgery.

The new project Cascadia is set in Gran Canaria, Spain which is perfect really, with bright and colorful urban elements set next to the powerful sea. Its really the creativity of his riding and witnessing an athlete at his absolute best. Its like Ali or Jordan in their prime when their mastery of sport was a sight to behold. in this film, you really might not believe what he is doing is possible but alas, IT IS!

This movie was just released and it will surely be another one that millions see..check it out for yourself!

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