Truly inspiring video that might change your day(or life)

The interweb is alive these days with inspiring videos. Its almost overwhelming at times really. With this in mind, you would think that people that engage with these videos would have constant sources of inspiration and therefore, be inspired eh?!

But like anything in excess..It is probably just too much for many and they are left with questions and doubts..”Where do i begin”, “How can i afford that”, “I can’t do it”..etc etc.

This video is one of those that would seem is best to watch, then absorb..completely, then act upon what you just saw. But really its up to you..!

This video was created by Great Big Story. Here is an overview.

It’s like flying on a cloud,” says 77-year-old kite surfer David Cummings. After his wife died of breast cancer just two days after her chemotherapy began, Cummings decided to seize life by the reigns and began kite surfing and snowboarding. The Englishman has been kite surfing for the past four and hopes heaven resembles his daily routine of gearing up and letting the kite pull him across the ocean.

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