Mountain Bike Coaching

Want to learn how to MTB or how to improve your skills if you are already riding? Let us help you take your riding to the next level whether you are just starting or are more experienced but want to improve your skills. Building skills on the bike lets you push your boundaries, add style and just plain have more fun on the bike. We can help you with that from instruction to guiding. 

Skye is currently an instructor for Ninja MTB Performance and teaches skills clinics throughout the west coast from California to Washington and in between. You can also request private instruction through Ninja and ask for Skye. If you are reading this, hit us up for a VIP discount code to save $$ on clinics and lessons.

“Skye came to help me build some backyard trails and it turned into so much more than just having a trail. Being semi-new to mountain biking he was able to not only help build some great trails but also instill a passion for the connection between trail building and trail riding. Since working together, I have taken on my own trail maintenance and have expanded my trails. From understanding the tools to appropriately building trail as to be one with nature and not disturb drainage or other important factors, his insights have stuck with me and helped me care about the details of the trail. Applying the lessons learned and the knowledge of the trail has also helped me tremendously in riding other locations. I could not have done it without the help and the spirit of MoceanMTB. Great work and even more, a great spirit and inspiration to help you understand the “why” we do this, not just the how.”-Freeman, Eugene, OR

Our dedication to trail building covers both commercial projects as well as volunteer community efforts plus our private backyard stashes that we diligently work on so we can push our own boundaries.

We also take our roles as athletes and ambassadors very seriously and we are regularly filming, shooting, testing and helping to develop product and being available for a wide range of special projects.


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