Happy Solstice 21′-Now Go Play!

At Mocean365 we celebrate and revel in play! In the modern world it is hard to admit sometimes as we are obsessed with Work. But..is hanging out a desk all day work?(I kid I kid)!..Or is putting an immense amount of physical effort into something playful..actually work? Who the f*ck knows but I do know that this video below is pure gold. Filmed a year ago as Austria went into lockdown so it also pokes a little fun..a little playful jab(see what i did there) at the insanity of it all.

Imagine the work that went into this..and there is a video out on the making of this that I will put below so you can see the effort it takes..to play! Mocean365 will always honor and highlight play and it’s importance to us wild animals. Enjoy this and enjoy your Solstice too and hope you are gearing up for a rocking year. I will offer that life is for living, not hiding and living in fear. If you have dreams, don’t wait because as we have seen, there are no guarantees! Go Get IT!

And this is the outakes..

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