Human Rights and Civil Liberties?

Ready to tune in to some of the current world events that may not be covered by the cute little mainstream media? As much as I would rather focus on my true mission of outdoor movement adventure and would be doing a major disservice to ignore the reality for some of our fellow tribe of bipedal hominids.

On a daily basis, there is major injustice going on globally, especially during the last 2 years. How we hear about this will vary greatly. In the US it depends upon where you get your news. Most people will get their news from sources that are basically a conglomerate of mainstream media.(MSM) Individuals such as the worlds fifth richest person, have a major hand in regards to funding these outlets ranging from MSNBC(which stands for Microsoft NBC), to NPR, NY Times etc. So narratives are formed and these days the terminology of those not informed of these news sources “credibility”are quickly formed. “Right wing’, “Trumpers”, “Conspiracy Theorists” “Anti-Vaxxers”, etc. Opinions and alternative thinking and looking at scientific research outside of the sources cited in MSM also results in blanket statements like “Misinformation” as “Fact-Checkers” hired by the MSM are paid to work remotely and pick apart statements, resulting in warnings and censorship as it is seen as dangerous. Vaccine proponent Dr John Campbell was picked apart for a post and he looked at the occupations and backgrounds of “fact checkers” working for an organization with science in their name. Of all of them…ONE had a science background. The majority of them worked in Media and Communications. “Googling something isn’t deep and real research especially when the entity is owned by the largest private land owner in the US, IMO.

Political and government officials are another line of defense against critical thinking. President Biden has made some statements that are truly amazing in their scathing attack of “his own citizens”. Dr. Anthony Fauxci is being widely criticized even within his own circles for making the bold statement that “I am science” which will be looked back at historically as one of the most “bold” statements in 2021. Even left media darlings like Trevor Noah and Jon Stewart have been criticized by their own for making comments pointing to obvious facts like Big Pharma being driven by financial gains and that the origin of certain viruses is dubious at best.

So…back to Human Rights. And back to comics as well…Where you get your news sources will dictate how and what you see of course as well as your openness of mind to a narrative different of your own.(See above for terminology). One such person that has always been openly leftist in his views has created a Youtube channel that has 4.5 million followers and due to his hilarious use of words has somehow avoided being censored and de-monetized like so many in the last couple years with counter views to the MSM and their corporate led empires. Who am I talking about but Mr Russell Brand..someone I previously did not factor in my life and in fact, I avoided his content of any kind at all cost. Well he was pretty good in Forgetting Sarah Marshall but i digress.

His videos are a mix of humor and news where he reads reports and stories done by various “alternative media” sources and shares them with his audience. During the last 2 years, he without trying has seemingly been swayed through his study and research to be able to openly discuss topics that would not be of interest to media drivel proprietors like CNN.

In the video I will share here(we shall see if it ends up being pulled down), he shares what is going on in Australian Quarantine Camps. Remember not long ago when the very idea of these was seen as a conspiracy theory? My “dearest colleague” often says only partly tongue in cheek ” don’t call me a conspiracy theorist, i prefer prophet”. These camps are growing in size and scope and are now not just for travelers, but AU citizens if they have had a positive test to someone who has despite testing negative(often several times).

If this is new to you and you are open to it, scope some of the comments. Many are made by Australian citizens and they are pleading for worldwide intervention. Keep in mind that AU is considered a representative democratic country. People are being fined for driving to exercise or trying to get outdoor exposure. Seems important especially in regards to the scientifically proven importance of Vitamin D levels. There are plenty of videos that he has done of human rights and civil liberties violations globally in other forms as well. In a way, he seems to be using this channel to bring light to issues that aren’t illuminated by other media sources.

Here it is if you are inclined to watch. May I suggest a mind expansion just prior to it? And maybe this will help you make an informed decision when asked about this when it comes to your country.

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