With out Risk there is little reward.



You have it heard it before..probably too many times yet it still might not sink in. What we perceive as putting it on the line can become less and less of a focus in our lives. The quest for comfort, warmth and safety beckons us to take shelter from our fears. What if we get injured or fail or look stupid or lose it all?

Its like choosing a line on boards or bikes. You scope it out and pick your line..through the trees, visualizing not slamming into the trees but gliding between them. The path is not closed and too tight but instead just wide enough to achieve that moment of flow, of bliss.

This carries over into our lives far more than just outdoor recreation or sport. It will hold us back with our relationships, careers, family and the most unfortunate of all, our Dreams! Think back to your earliest memory of bliss and risk. Maybe it was when you learned to ride a bike or maybe when you stood up in front of classmates and recited a paper. Maybe it was a innocent kiss planted on the lips of your object of affection. Or maybe it was mischievous..hopping a train or “borrowing” something for some moments of bliss and returned it unbeknownst to anyone.

The point is, so many many memorable moments in our lives in the past, present or future will be made more memorable by the amount of risk we took to do them. Setting aside our fears and throwing caution to the wind makes us feel alive and really isn’t that we are really trying to do? To feel something in an authentic and organic way unimpeded by anything that may tarnish that..even if just for a fleeting moment whether in the barrel of a wave or in the arms of a lover.

This video is courtesy of our friends over at KorduroyTV captures this feeling beautifully and even has everyones favorite place to escape, Game of Thrones narration thrown in. It creates a spectacular vibe and captures the risk that these men are taking quite perfectly in my opinion. I hope you feel the same. Its 8 minutes though..Do you have that kind of time?


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