Approach Your Life Like A Ninja

If you have been following along here at The Mocean Project, you have probably heard me rattle on about the benefits of a movement approach vs. exercise and i feel its something that could be talked about until your blue in the face. Fact is, the world of exercise and fitness does its best to get people into a robotic pattern that often does as much harm as good at least in the long term. One of the reasons is the stigma  that is built around physical culture that prevents people from ever beginning. “Nah man, don’t wanna go to some cheesy gym”, or “no i don’t want to work out till i throw up and post my scores on the wall in front of everyone”. The list goes on and on but really the secret to it all lies right in front of each and everyone of you with any interest in becoming not just a better mover but a more well rounded person…Approach Life Like a Ninja. Ok, firstly this might be better put, “approach your life on the preconceived Hollywood version of a Ninja”. And by saying this there are sure to be grumbles from true practitioners of Ninjutsu and related arts(I’ve dabbled in them myself a bit). Many of you who train with me will be surprised(maybe) to see the similarities of how we move with the practitioners in this video..Though it is really the life path we are referring to rather than the actual physical training methods. Zen.

Really its more about a few key elements that could radically shift your life and outlook. Here are 5 powerful ways to develop a warrior mindset.

1.Be in the moment-You have heard it all before but when this happens, greatness can occur. You can see and feel, listen and react which can have profound performance benefits. This doesn’t just mean meditation by any means but instead a mindset of focusing on the brilliance of the task at hand whether you are washing the dishes, giving the lady a little loving or swinging some Indian Clubs. Try and make a concerted effort in this area. This stands in stark contrast with gyms and fitness facilities with music and tv blaring or those who rely on music to ride or run. Now I LOVE MUSIC and have it on in my life often but there is a time and a place for it. At the center of this is FUN and being there(really) for friends and family and being engaged in our community. Know that friend who is always on their “smart” phone and is really only half listening to you? They are not in the moment or they are multi tasking which most often means..Multi Tasking-Sucking at multiple things at once.

2. Surround your space with movement opportunities-Moving your body is joyous and amazing and something that we should never take for granted. It should never be compartmentalized and only segmented into a time slot. That is the exercise approach. “Ok I have from 4-5 to move my body and after that i will return to my otherwise frantic yet incredible sedentary and life dictated by machines and other people”. NOOOOOO. What the F%$k is wrong with this picture??!! We are designed to move and our brain loves new stimulus and learning new skills. If you don’t work physically like I have chosen to do, then surround your space with ways to move. Put a balance board in the living room and use it if you have to watch TV. Take movement snacks at work and try new skills. Juggle, balance, practice wheelies on your bike. If you are at a party by a bonfire, move around, challenge someone to wrestle, throw a ball around. YOU CAN ALWAYS BE MOVING, it is the warrior path. I even will spruce up an otherwise slow game like Frisbee Golf and climb trees, jump over logs, crawl to the next hole, Mix it up, keep it fun and interesting. This began years ago when some buddies and i were 19 or 20 and doing what we did many nights, drink ourselves silly after work. Well some how a soccer ball got kicked by one of us and we started kicking it back and forth(in the tiniest kitchen ever). This evolved into not only a fun “drinking game” but really a regular thing and for someone like me was a way to express myself in a social situation. The kitchen yes did sustain some damage but we got other friends involved and soon the drinking was an after thought. We would be drenched in sweat playing soccer in the kitchen and laughing our asses off. My point is it can be done anywhere!

3. “Train” all the time-Really this one could be phrased, Have a warrior mindset all the time. When you turn a door handle, engage your muscles and squeeze. Hip hinge to open the fridge and drive through your heels. Look for every possible opportunity to train like a warrior each moment possible. Stand on one foot, jump over walls, slide down railings, engage your muscles, flex, breathe deep, feel strong and believe you are strong and nimble. Bruce Lee was the master of this and explained it was very much part of his success. I USE THIS EACH AND EVERY MOMENT POSSIBLE and it has changed my life, 100%! No BS.

4. Change your genetic code- Everything we do has a reaction. The way we treat our body is the way it treats us back. This all ties in to potentially rewiring(it has mine) your genetic coding. Some think we do what we do because its a “habit”. Well a habit is often rewired circuitry that has been force fed into our cells. How we live and engage with the world and move  and everything we eat and drink can have radical implications upon how we live for the good and bad. There is genetic code that is hard wired and there is other genetic code that can be rewired. This is why we might feel we have these habits that we can’t break. We really need to change our patterns and rewire and the results are astounding. This is something I/We work on each and every day. Some book stores might call it the self help section but really its the Change your Epigenetic Code Section.  Here is a funny video that explains it in very layman terms

5. Minimize and Simplify– None of the above guidelines can truly happen if our lives are filled with clutter and chaos. This is an ongoing battle in this land of excess that we live in. Really though the beauty of organic and radical simplicity shines brighter than the brightest plasma screen TV to watch commercials on. Having an inspiring space to live where you can find what you need and not over booking our time is valuable is if we hope to Live Like a Ninja. When we pare everything down in life, it is really the beauty of the moment where we are. Its about engaging with community, friends and family and listening and helping. Simplify your life as much as possible. Minimize clutter and guess what. You become more materialistic! In a good way silly..The material items you do have become like gold is what i am trying to say. You take care of your tools and toys. You do not only maintenance but you approach your belongings in a Zen way. Like a warrior and their sword, honed to a razor finish, gleaming bright and powerful.

These are some guidelines and will be portions of upcoming workshops that we will be offering in New England in the near future as guiding principles. Stay in Mocean365 days a year and live RootsWise and always, always HAVE FUN!!

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