Money and our relationship with it.

I can think of no greater cause of stress and anxiety currently plaguing our society than money. Actually money might not be the fundamental root cause of it, but instead our relationship or the way our current money system is working(or not).

The current financial collapse was imminent and it will not get better anytime soon at the top end of the scale. Big banks, big corporations and big government will most likely remain corrupt and self serving until the end of time. What is exciting to think about however is the potential for portions of the global population to start realizing what is happening and distance themselves from the hustle bustle and create a system that works.

Now here is where doubt and polarization comes into play. Any “new idea” is most always met with a couple of reactions.

1. Doubt-“This can’t happen, how will we survive, your a dreamer, its the way its always bee, don’t try to change it” etc etc.

2. Polarization-“Your a liberal, what are you a socialist/communist/traitor, are you unpatriotic and ungrateful”??
My answer is. “who cares”. Its doesn’t matter what people say. What matters is your path, your chosen path whether you know what is is and have know, have just figured it out or are teetering on the brink. Here are some ideas to start any system that changes our current relationship with money that I saw in a comment on Youtube for a trailer for Sacred Econmoics. They are simple and to the point

1. consume less and start being more self-sufficient. 2, Return to nature, our most valuable resource and source of inspiration. 3. Learn to live in the present moment and eliminate conflicts that arose from past events and stop worrying about the future. 4. Keep an eye on your own contribution to this madness by not being so greedy and envious of others. 5. Question everything. 6. Be free!
Here is the short film of the same name that gets right to the point. If you have 12 minutes in your hectic, “i’m so busy” day, then watch this.

The realization that life is a gift might be our greatest awakening. It separates money from the process and helps us get back to living. Who out there is interested in such a thing?


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