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We here at The Mocean Project/Mocean365  are influenced and inspired by many forms of movement. First and foremost will always be adventure and action sports. Most every way we move flows from that.We have dabbled in many flavors and will always seek out new styles. Some are taken straight from a physical task we had to do while on a numerous job sites whether high up on a ladder or hauling, carrying, carving, pounding, building, tearing down or navigating terrain while logging , trailbuilding or building a fitpark or obstacle course.

We are very inspired from our dabbling in boxing and  Martial Arts like Aikido, Karate and Ninjutsu. We also look to old strongman rituals like tire flipping and ax slams or to the far east for some Yoga,  Indian Clubs and Kettlebells like in this video we produced for our friend Mujib of North Country Kettlebells.

Last year we even did some gymnastic and trampoline work which like most new things was humbling and awesome. Last month juggling was begun..who knows, maybe we’ll be able to do some tricks like this guy below..

And there has been some great toys we employ like Indo Boards and our own homemade balance trainers, swiss and medicine balls, PUPS, Rock Rings, campus boards, Suspension Trainers like the TRX or our homemade spinoffs that we made from a tree branch we carved with a machete and 2 tie down straps to our homemade paralletes like in the video below. We made them and just explored, used our bodies and see what feels good.

And of course, dirt jumps, pumptracks and amazing trails and bike parks like Highland are great big playgrounds. And speaking of playgrounds we spend a fair amount of time in them as well, being kids, moving, grooving and exploring ways to move our bodies, challenge our brain/body=same.

The world wide web has been an amazing source of education and has introduced us to master movement practitioners like Scott Sonnen, Ido Portal, Tim Anderson,and Naudi Aguilar and Stephen Jepson(video below) who are gracious enough to share their gifts. And the world of Parkour/Freerunning has opened our eyes to the many possibilities and potential of the human body. There are thousands of video examples and tutorials!

Adventure has also been a guide firsthand whether surfing a wave in a snowstorm or navigating coral reef or paddling sideways in a shipping lane with a massive ship bearing down on us moments after being spooked from the lineup by a great white shark. Rock climbing and its need for a great amount of strength to weight ratio opened many doors and we sought many new forms of strength development. Kayaking and near drowning taught plenty about fear management, breathing and spatial awareness. Riding down crazy mountains in Peru right on the edge enforced the importance of balance training which of course has become a foundational part of Mocean365.


We voraciously read seeking out new ideas and this has unearthed everything from monk isometric moves as found in Shen Ku,  to posterior chain development in Foundation Training,  and all forms of movement in other books like Born to Run,  Conditioning for Outdoor Fitness, The Exuberant Animal Playbook and all of Frank Forencich’s books for that matter, which are like bibles to us!

There has been studies, seminars, workshops and certifications with more traditional gurus like Juan Carlos Santana and Mike Boyle,  to not at all traditional masters like John Davies/Renegade Training, and Frank Forencich of Exuberant Animal and most recently with MovNat, a certification program dedicated to human movement skills led by Erwan Le Corre who has managed to make headway with breaking movement into the mainstream on the cover of magazines and in films. MovNat is also the organization that Mocean365 is certified through with Skye being a Movnat MCT II(so he can have fancy title next to his name).

There are so many ways to move and while this could be overwhelming, it actually just means we all have lots of options. We teach our style at Mocean365 but its really a mix of past and present experiences with a big eye on preventing injury and becoming more resilient, well rounded and able bodied as we age(yes, we all age!)

We give thanks to all that inspired and continue to do so. We will continue to explore and learn, honing what we can and always sharing with others. We truly believe that there are so many ways to move your body and in the words of the great Mick Dodge aka Barefoot Sensei, we aim to “exorcise exercise” and focus on movement and adventure. We all spend too much time indoors and on these computers so traditional gyms and their tv’s, treadmills and fashion hold little interest. We believe in practicing moves that require skill because skill is required to do everything we do with our bodies. A fitness base is just that..a base. But we are more interested in improving our balance, coordination and reaction time and our ability to be skillful over and over so we can play until we are old and our time is up. And we are interested in sharing our passions with others..with YOU and you do the same..spread the stoke, best f-ing year whether you have already began or choose to begin right…NOW!!


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