Jay Nelson, surfing artist and craftsman making the most of space.

Gonna keep this theme going this week. Why? Well having a smaller living footprint often equals more freedom. Freedom to move, be outside and be doing the things you love. It might allow you to travel more and get out and experience more of life’s wonderful adventures? Jay Nelson is an amazing artist and surfing craftsman whomContinue reading “Jay Nelson, surfing artist and craftsman making the most of space.”

Stay tuned for “Tiny Homes” by Lloyd Kahn book review by the mocean project.

In the process of doing a book review of Lloyd Kahn’s newest book called Tiny Homes. In the meantime, check out this video of a tiny homes, sustainable living pioneer who i consider a true “man of the renaissance”. SHELTER from jason sussberg on Vimeo.

A Friday rant. MOVE before it’s too late!

Meg and I were talking the other day about the state of movement in our society. We both agree that just MOVING is great but in a way its odd that we now have to settle for that being enough. In such a short time, the lives of many have become so “busy” and fragmentedContinue reading “A Friday rant. MOVE before it’s too late!”

Gettin’ creative challenge!

The world has so many opportunities to be involved for us all, yes even in this crazy world that we live in, with our five second attention span. One of the areas that many folks seem to ignore it seems these days, is the area of creativity. Now we see all kinds of crazy artContinue reading “Gettin’ creative challenge!”

“Moving Foward” and Onward and Upward!

Just over a year ago a local NH snowboarder, Danny Toumarkine,  crashed on his snowboard and suffered a traumatic brain injury.  His bro and him had just started a production company to chronicle his snowboarding adventures and thus the accident and the events that ensued were caught on video.  This inspiring video takes you fromContinue reading ““Moving Foward” and Onward and Upward!”