“Moving Foward” and Onward and Upward!

Just over a year ago a local NH snowboarder, Danny Toumarkine,  crashed on his snowboard and suffered a traumatic brain injury.  His bro and him had just started a production company to chronicle his snowboarding adventures and thus the accident and the events that ensued were caught on video.  This inspiring video takes you from his crash, through his road to recovery, and finally to his first day back on his board!

Danny, is a solid example of  perseverance, dedication,  hard work and passion and also of one who has learned to appreciate the incredible gifts of the body.  This story touched a particular cord with me because as a nurse I have taken care of many TBI patients and it is not an easy recovery.  I have held the hands of many of these patients and their families, holding onto hope for a wiggle, a flick of the eyelid, a smile…the journey teaches us the incredible strengths of the body.  Every new movement  is symbolic and every step is a leap.

Respect your body, treat it well, train hard for LIFE,  and like Danny said…live life to the fullest!!!

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