An easy to follow circuit, no equipment needed or much space. try it!

So I took a little video on the ol’ “smart-ass phone” the other day to show you guys a very basic and easy to follow circuit that of course, can be modified for more or less of a challenge. Keep in mind that the inverted rows on the wood branch i carved could be done anywhere if you don’t have that kind of setup. look arounf, get creative or make something. also on the slides on the ice, you could put socks on and use cardboard or a magazine under each foot if your indoors or don’t have access to ice. if you run into problems, hit us up in the comments or shoot us an email and we won’t leave you hanging.

So we were showing reps of 10 per movement. you could start there as a base than build up as you go. the idea is move through each challenge with good mechanics and keep that heart rate rocking. don’t rest until your done with the all the movements.

I would say this circuit would be for someone who has already been moving for a bit and has a little base of solid movement. if your just starting out or recovering from an injury, then wait for a bit until you try this.

And of course this is just for demonstration purposes. ahem.. have fun and follow up in comments and spread to anyone who you think might dig this. I would not recommend you do this in steel toed boots like Ryan did but the moral of the story is on the other hand, cut the excuses and JUST MOVE!

cheers-the mocean project crew




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