Gettin’ creative challenge!

The world has so many opportunities to be involved for us all, yes even in this crazy world that we live in, with our five second attention span. One of the areas that many folks seem to ignore it seems these days, is the area of creativity. Now we see all kinds of crazy art and hear amazing music from the real artists right?

Well I’m talking about you and me. The folks that weren’t born with a natural knack for it maybe or just haven’t found it. Its never too late to try and learn how to shoot a camera or pick up an instrument or paintbrush. the idea here isn’t perfection, it is to just challenge and explore and maybe work on an area that many of us ignore.

In times of old, it was considered part of your being to have some sort of creative outlet. it was very manly! well actually too manly until it became socially acceptable for women to express themselves. I bring this up because it seems many men seem to be a little tentative to get creative. its somehow cooler to watch the football game or mow the lawn right? ok, so i’m challenging you a bit.

I don’t have a musical bone in my body but there is some spirit and heart in there..i love it! i’ll never amount to much in the area of music or arts but it feels great when i do it and its a great feeling to be self taught. Its a journey recommended to anyone “on the fence” about getting creative. the same could be said for art, literature, photography, film, and building with your hands among others. it feels good, end of story.

So the challenge is here. Its time to get creative and we at the Mocean Project want to hear(and see) how you are going to do it. We want to hear from people that are embarking on new territory or rekindling an old flame that has extinguished in the world of creativity.

We will reward the top female and male stories of how you will do this with some gear from LOOPTWORKS, Best F-ing Year and Mocean Mate’. Entries must be emailed to us by February 15th 2012 at

May the force be with you! Below is a little outtake of some music we were playing the other night.

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