A great dynamic warmup to jumpstart your day.

Some of you have probably already seen this video but just in case you haven’t or if you have and need a little reminder of how effective, fun and simple the Exuberant Animal Short Form is. Exuberant Animal is a great movement organization that I’m a trainer with and had an alliance with for a couple of years now led by the renowned movement educator, Frank Forencich. Frank’s books on the studies of the “primates predicament” are second to none and required reading for anyone truly dedicated to vigorous outdoor play based movement. I especially recommend his newest book (which I’m very honored to be mentioned in the credits) called, “Change Your Body, Change the World”. Pretty strong title and it shows the dedication that Frank has to truly making a difference in the world. I’ve been out to train, play and stay with Frank and he is a human being that operates on another level. A guru to me and many others and I’m hoping to get him to come out to Vermont this summer to demonstrate his philosophies and teachings. Contact me if interested after you check out the site.

So the video below is pretty self-explanatory. Its me being a bonehead of course but there are some things in it that you may find useful. Follow along, give it a shot. This is doable for every fitness level. If your just starting then go slower and focus on breathing and keeping a smile plastered to your face. If you’re looking for a little more out of it, remember all of the moves can be done on one foot and everyone can always be more engaged to increase the intensity if needed. Enjoy!

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