Jay Nelson, surfing artist and craftsman making the most of space.

Gonna keep this theme going this week. Why? Well having a smaller living footprint often equals more freedom. Freedom to move, be outside and be doing the things you love. It might allow you to travel more and get out and experience more of life’s wonderful adventures?
Jay Nelson is an amazing artist and surfing craftsman whom I first read about in Surfer’s Journal. He has built up quite the design portfolio and seems to specialize in utlitarian design that focus on economy of space yet are beautiful, flowing and very pleasing to the eye.

He also says he very inspired by Lloyd Kahn and his line of publications and you can see that influence in his designs. He has some very interesting projects in the works it seems, stoked to see what he dreams up!

Check out this video to see him at work. Truly inspiring to say the least! A small useful beautiful space trumps a big ugly, useless space anyday! We have added him to our links here on the Mocean Project so check back once in a while and see his new creations. All pics courtesy of Jay Nelson Art website at http://jaynelsonart.com/

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2 thoughts on “Jay Nelson, surfing artist and craftsman making the most of space.

  1. following on your previous post about lloyd kahn and his take on living small, this was a great example of thought behind designing and building it on your own to make it right for the way your good old self wants to live in keeping with what’s outside yourself. makes me look forward to the review and think about how cool it would be to design something to be on the water like the middle photo. totally agree with robyn – you’ve both got the design skills and building prowess to make it happen. would be great to see!

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