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When we think of our body in the terms of planes of movement, we quickly see that we basically move in three dimensions(3D). Most fitness or movement professionals recognize this(finally) and PT’s have been promoting this for years. So when we put together movement sessions, we try to incorporate more than just one plane of movement. people most often  choose movements that are forward and back or technically speaking, the sagittal plane.  We also want to move our bodies side to side in the frontal plane and in the rotary plane as well( transverse plane). And this rotary plane is the one that really can cause some problems when neglected. This is very common when people are required to move suddenly to this plane and in turn, get injured.


Why is this important? Well most obvious is look at the requirements of our bodies..ok and i don’t mean sitting at a desk and watching TV, I mean to move dynamically. Lets say you were moving out of your apartment or house. You will be packing boxes and then rotation to move them. You will be bending, moving side to side with furniture, negotiating stairs and even lifting over your head. All will require you to move 3D. Or playing in a pickup basketball league, you will be required to move in all directions right?

Another important function of our bodies is the  ability of our neuromuscular system to move(accelerate), stop(decelerate) and to stabilize which ultimately requires, core strength. When core strength is developed,  we reduce our risk of injury, our movements become short we move our bodies better plain and simple. Core strength is required to move our bodies in 3D! Okay I understand that people these days have a 5 minute attention span so let’s get to the goods.

So with those basic principles to guide you, designing your own movement session takes on a new look.  As always, we always begin by warming up our bodies completely and working our muscles through a full range of motion dynamically before we begin.

We will be posting some videos regularly to give you ideas so check back periodically!

Make your own little mini adventure

So here we found a fun tree that was pre bent, safe and strong and came up with some challenges.

Next up his brother Brad shows a little circuit we made out of the small area that demands lots out of the body and works us in 3D!

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