A Friday rant. MOVE before it’s too late!

Meg and I were talking the other day about the state of movement in our society. We both agree that just MOVING is great but in a way its odd that we now have to settle for that being enough. In such a short time, the lives of many have become so “busy” and fragmented with numerous options(besides moving) that we now say “just move”.

Garage door openers, car starters, snow blowers, oil heat, riding lawn mowers, smart phones, computers, DVD players in cars to entertain kids during that commute. We are living in a world where the act of physically moving has become “not the norm”. In such a short time too?! Remember growing up where we were all outside non stop? climbing trees, riding bikes, building forts and many of us, weeding, stacking wood, farm chores etc. Many kids nowadays would love to do that stuff even if just for the day!

There also once was a time when you would here someone say, “man i slaved my whole life away in the factory(or woods or banging nails etc etc) so you wouldn’t have to son, Go to school, get a good office job”.(i saw it in a movie). But we now might be in an era where a dad or mom might say, “i slaved in an office all day, i ruined my eyesight, gained 50 pounds and have high blood pressure from stress and sedentary living so please don’t follow me. Maybe you could be a carpenter or landscaper or mason. Work with your hands, learn a trade, be outside”.

We also are living in a world of “cleanliness”. everything is disinfected, sanitized. Kids are NOT allowed to touch each other anymore(god forbid). 6 year olds boys are being sued for kissing a girl on the playground. So we are losing our roots. Hands are becoming soft and weak which leads to injury. And does all of the hype around disinfecting everything really make us healthier? We all know the answer is a resounding NO.

So do i offer a solution? well yes of course. be a child again, look, listen and feel. take some chances. fire the plow guy and shovel your own damn driveway. Let your kids take chances and know that “the boogeyman” looking to take them away is really just FOX News hype. If you hate your job like so many i know do, then change it up. WHhat the heck, you can’t live that way forever. Look for fun, live each day as if you don’t have an excess of them to “blow”. Smile alot and be nice to people. Move like Rocky not Drago. Dig up your stupid lawn and plant a garden or make a pumptrack.
Touch a tree and mayb even climb it. Use those shiny tools in that big garage to make something with your own hands, then give it away to someone you love. Get your hands dirty and be proud that you have new callouses. Pick up an instrument and figure out how to play it. get a hula hoop and laugh while you learn it or relearn it.
Dance, randomly. Give your girl a piggyback in public, she’ll love it and you’ll get strong and maybe even get..
Whatever you do, if your not stoked then BREAK THE CYCLE! write your own eulogy then live it.

The end.

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