Best F-Ing Year!


Well the “new year” is well under way and hopefully you are all enjoying it as much as possible?! We here at The Mocean Project are!


Just a friendly reminder to all of you to always make it Your year. That could start today or hell even tomorrow. It was never really meant to pressure folks..there will be plenty of low moments during your Best F-Ing Year. We here at TMP have them all the time. Whether its being broke, vehicles breaking down, working too much, or any of the other Life that can get in the way, S^%t happens. But as long as you believe and keeps things in perspective. Most trouble(not all) is fleeting and even people with some major challenges are living life very fully as we see regularly in this digital age, like our friend Jeff here. The internet is alive with inspiring stories of people battling adversity from many realms just like he has.

Everyone at some point just realizes..“Holy smokes, time flies, better get on it”! or whatever. We all at some point hopefully realize that..1. Time is short. 2. Life is not to be taken too seriously 3. We have tons to be grateful for. 4. There is beauty everywhere. 5. There is always someone that has it rougher than you. Did we mention time is short?

So get on up, get out and make this your best f-ing day, night, week, month or what the heck, BEST F-ING YEAR!!!!




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