One website we really enjoy and have been lucky enough to be featured on is KorduroyTV. The site is dedicated to not just surfing but diy ethics, environmental awareness, tiny home culture and van life among many other things that are right up our alley.

The creator of the site, Cyrus Sutton is a free spirit who semi recently took to the road full time and moved into his van which is a Ford Econoline E250 with some pretty awesome modifications done by himself and his crew of talented friends.

He made a full length movie about this transformation a while back and like much of the Korduroy content, Meg and I found it very inspirational and we hope you do too. We have ourselves been on a path of simplicity and tiny homes and van living culture for sometime. We decided nearly 4 years ago to live rent free and are not only able to do so, but do so in different locations, allowing us to be in the mountains and the ocean(until we find that place that has both in one). Here is a quick article about our journey on The Inertia.

Anyway, we really hope you out there find Cyrus and his story inspiring. Many folks think its a major sacrifice to live in such a way and yes you do forego many creature comforts and put yourself out there a bit but..its rewards are very great. So if your on the fence, maybe this video will help you jump in. And of course if you need any advice, hit us up here at The Mocean Project, we are glad to share what has and hasn’t worked for us.

May the force be with you.


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