Ben Hewitt- “Saved”-How I quit worrying about Money and became the Richest Guy in the World


Ben Hewitt is a Vermont based author whom i met and was briefly featured in a story about mountain biking a few years back. Since then he has written a critically acclaimed book called “The Town that Food Saved” that has become a bible of sorts for some in the buy local and community food world. Below is a video of Hewitt talking about that book on Outside Television.


This year he came out with a new book called “Saved”-How I Quit Worrying About Money and Became the Richest Guy in the World” that tackles what he calls the current unconscious economy. It tells the story of how things changed in 2008(for everyone) in the financial system and its surrounding entities. That same year the author meets Eric Gillard who he describes as a “real life rebel living happily and comfortably in small town Vermont on less than $10,000 a year. How and why he lives his life the way he does is the reason Hewitt himself adopts many of the teachings that he learns from the much younger Gillard and “Saved” is the story of that journey.

We are living in a very tumultuous time here in the United States.  It is widely and unanimously understood that the system as it has been is very flawed and needs to change. Hell, the government shut down this year, what the fuck is that? Corporate interests are now firmly implanted into every major decision that happens in our government.These decisions negatively affect our communities, our sense of well being and happiness, the natural resources that we so cherish and the future for our children. EVERYTHING needs to be changed and we can all clearly see that regardless of what hopes and dreams we rest upon some political figure that promises just that, it won’t happen in our own lives unless WE make it happen. We are in charge of our destinies, happiness and prosperity so we all need to take a proactive approach.

“Saved” seems to be a book that not only shows examples of how people could change their lives and reexamine their priorities, but could quite possibly could serve as inspiration for revolution that needs to happen. Many of us would be well served  to re evolve and reevaluate, reconsider and recover from the great drought of mindfulness and get onto a path that is not only our own, but one that can help those around us, families, friends, communities. Getting back to the Ubuntu mentality of “I am strong so therefore You are strong too”. And we need to vote with our dollars and decisions and choices and Always Always Always remember we only have one earth so we need to do what we can to protect it, nourish and revive.

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3 thoughts on “Ben Hewitt- “Saved”-How I quit worrying about Money and became the Richest Guy in the World

  1. Ha! Great video w/the author. I’v read his books and blog and even heard a raido interview once but never seen him on “tv”. He does a good job, right? Thanks for posting.

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