Join us for the 30 Day Mocean365 Triple M Challenge

                                                  Mocean365 Triple M Challenge


A 30 day challenge dedicated to implementing daily physical movement, meditation, and mastery(learning).



Move-Vigorous and skillful daily movement geared to help you elevate. Minimum of 30 min daily total (that can be split up into mini sessions if need be).


Mastery-Learning a new skill(s) for 30 days. Learning is one of the greatest things we can do for our bodies..from head to toe. Remember all learning is physical..we are driving new neurons at an absolute minimum. Examples of this would be: Juggling,  teach yourself to draw/paint, try playing an instrument, learn to do wheelies or manuals, new language, ride a unicycle, tango dancing. You can mix it up between skills if you absolutely need but remember, we are looking for some tangible progress  so maybe keep it somewhat focused on 1-3 skills max.   Minimum of 15 mins per day


Meditation-Mindfulness practice every day for 30 days. Minimum of 5 minutes per day. For most people, this will me the most difficult but most surely, extremely important!



*Write it all down..-buy a journal/notebook and dedicate it to this challenge(and future ones too). It can help to track feelings, obstacles and things you are learning along the way. Write down your 3 M details each day! Making notebooks distinctly yours has helped others..customize at will!

*Grab a friend-Nothing like a good friend, coworker, family member to share in your adventure and build accountability.

*Stay inspired– Surround yourself with inspiration as much as possible. This might mean jamming to the theme of Rocky every morning, watching inspiring films or reading uplifting literature.

*Tell the world-Let people know you are doing this and ask for help if you need it. This will build accountability may even inspire others to follow your lead=positive change!


                                                             FAQ and Resources

Why 30 days?-Numerous studies have proven that it takes 30 days to form or break a habit. Also when we chose to do something seen as unpleasant(by some?) such as daily exercise, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel if its only 30 days.

Meditation guideline-There are so many but here is one


                                                  Movement Resources

MovNat– The top Human Movement Skills System in the world.

Exuberant Animal-A wonderful resource for everyone interested in human origins and movement.

Skillful movement and Mastery ideas-Check out Stephen Jepson a 75 year old man with a very awesome lifestyle, check this video

Check out the be somebody blog to see how passion can pave the way!



When does it start? This challenge will begin on March 14th and end on April 12th.



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