Iggy Pop and Josh Homme – Gardenia | #PostPopDepression” on YouTube

The world has gone mad! Bruce Jenner is woman of the year, Donald the rump Trump is chump of the year. Pop is in as is fluff and helicoptering parents and Lemmy is fucking dead. And Bowie R.I.P….. God help us..but there still is Josh Homme.. our icon of all things Rock and groove and mother F&$&&ing Roll. Whether he is rocking out with Queens of the Stone Age, playing drums and producing Eagles of Death metal or playing with John Paul Jones and Dave Grohl in Them Crooked Vultures, Homme is the man. It takes a real man to recognize a real man and he sees one in Iggy Pop. Which is

why he and Iggy(along with Hommes cast of rippers from QOTSA and Arctic Monkeys) are blowing minds with their new collaboration.

Check yourself before Iggy wrecks himself..they are going on tour too so get on it and see this cuz it’s all gonna blow up soon man! Post Pop Depression,’ tour go get some!


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