Living Life Alive

I first heard this term, “living life alive” from singer/songwriter, Heather Maloney whom my good friend was managing at the time. It was 2009 and we were doing a photo/video shoot  and when she sang it for my camera, it sent shivers down my spine.

Living a passion based life and inspiring others has kind of been “my thing” I guess, but her words really shook me up. What do they mean? Aren’t we all alive? Is this New Age hogwash?

Well it clearly would mean different things to different people. If  you are living on the streets without a bed or money or any comforts, you are very much alive everyday and the grim reality might feel overwhelming. But what about you? What would it look like to you to decide right here and right now to “Live life alive”?? A choice to follow your dreams instead of a never ending “To Do” list. Choosing to let inspiration guide your way. Becoming the leader you have always wanted to be but haven’t had the courage to. Stepping it up, taking risks.


It’s amazing what words can do. What they can change in us and in turn, others by our actions.  The internet is full of words and images and inspiring opportunities but its almost too much to grasp. But these simple 3 words, Live Life Alive, break down complexity and get back to foundational human purpose.

I often stray from the path though.  The journey gets skewed usually because the struggle for financial security. My friends who have plenty of money always say it’s me who is “living the dream”. Most often its true, but the ugly head of finances and related fiscal issues can rear up and push me off the road. Its then when a simple mantra can help reestablish connection to the real goal. To Live Life Alive. Thank you Heather. Go check out her work here.

All pictures and words by Skye Nacel/Mocean365.

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