Mocean365 Movement Adventure Trail Romp

Yesterday was a sunny day down in southern NH. Wow, if you think even northern VT isn’t getting winter then down here its crazy! heck the ground isn’t even frozen in spots and many of our friends have been mountain biking here all winter. Kinda crazy how different and unique the climate can be just 3 hours apart. When we come down here for our caretaking duties it’s like a mini warm vacation with temps 10-20 degrees warmer than the “tundra” up in VT.

Yesterday our daily adventure was a little romp in the woods nearby, Mocean365 style. We just headed out and on the fly found challenges and “obstacles”. Pretty fun stuff and couldn’t recommend it more to anyone looking to spruce up their movement routine.

So we took out the GoPro and got a few shots and did a little edit. The music is from a band I was in a couple of years back with a great crew, called Lost and Found. We played out a few shows and had fun but other obligations cut our time short. Great fun while it lasted. Enjoy the video though keep in mind its pretty low resolution as it was on the fly with not much memory so bear with it.

Hey if you like it, post a comment too if you can or if you hate it too, let us know, we put this stuff out with the hope that it is a resource for folks and love to hear people are checking it out.  Thank you to everyone that has been checking in, we really appreciate it!


The Mocean Project crew

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4 thoughts on “Mocean365 Movement Adventure Trail Romp

  1. Inspiring as always! Nothing like being out in the flow of the forest to cleanse the mind and body! Great stuff you two.

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