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Press release

May 6, 2013

The Mocean365 Adventure Team is pleased to announce a new partnership with Achiva Native Energy.   Achiva will be supplying the team with their unique products that were created to be as simple and effective as possible.
Mocean365 Adventure Team founder Skye Nacel says, ” This was a natural choice to work with Achiva.  The products are simple and cut to the chase which is what we all need to help us with all of our respective projects. ”

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One member of the squad, Jane Coffey, will be a competitor in the upcoming Death Race in Pittsfield, VT which is considered one of the hardest in the world and will be a real test for a product.  Three of her teammates have competed in the race before and can vouch for that (Will Castle, Megan Walsh and Nacel, a 2x competitor). “I will be participating in the Peak 50 Mile trail race and then the Spartan Death Race 3 weeks later. I look forward to using Achiva products to help fuel my intense endurance endeavors!” says Coffey. You can check out more about Jane and her inspiring work here.


Megan Walsh, co-team manager, nutrition consultant and herbalist, is more than elated to find a company with a goal of “optimizing energy and nutrient intake in the simplest way possible.  “Why add more filler and fancy ingredients when less is always more.  Achiva Native Energy combines pure ingredients that have a long standing reputation for being nutrient dense, easily absorbed and highly effective.  What more can you ask for!”   Meg is super stoked to put these products to the test in her daily adventures as well as physically demanding endeavors that she loves to tackle, and reap the benefits. See more about Meg here.

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The Mocean365 Movement Adventure Team is helping promote the ideals of positive physical movement and adventure lifestyle culture globally. Members were selected based upon their level of commitment to the world of outdoor adventure and being as well rounded as possible. They range from Pro Mountain Bikers to die hard recreational athletes and even one member, Quinn Campbell, who is just entering high school. Nacel says, “We don’t just go out and look for the athletes going the biggest or baddest. Instead we look for folks that also are involved in stewardship, teaching and mentoring and volunteering and promoting the positive attributes of human powered movement and adventure. Having a great attitude and elevating others are of equal importance to race results, age or status. He adds, “I believe in each member of this team and what they stand for and the impact they are making within their respective communities.

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Tori Berstrom from Achiva said this about the partnership. “Achiva Energy loves Mocean365’s vision of supporting active lifestyles 365 days a year.  We feel our chia and coconut water products facilitate the “cleaner, healthier and more active” lifestyle we are all striving for.  We love to support communities that aspire to make the world a better place.  Welcome to our tribe and we are excited about being part of yours.”


As a very generous offer, Achiva is offering a 10% product discount to any of you whom are reading the press release. Great opportunity to try some amazing food with native roots that help you be your best. Enter 33mocean365 promo code for your discount and please spread the word about Achiva. Go to their website here

The Mocean365 Team is also supported by DriSuit Technologies, Mocean Mate’ Energy Tea and Vermont Peanut Butter and is looking to selectively add more companies to help support their work. Companies receive feedback, cross promotion and exposure and a testing platform in outdoor sports and endeavors ranging from cold water surfing to obstacle racing, trail building, slack lining, mountain biking, snow sports and more. Contact Skye at if you are interested in seeing how your company can get involved.

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