Get into the LOOPTWORKS!

We all talk about the environment these days and how we can make a positive impact or less of an impact. One of the biggest areas that needs help is how we act as consumers. What we choose to buy especially in the area of non necessity items. Food, water, shelter are truly the only items of necessity.

Clothing though is pretty key and though for most of us, we have an excess of clothing. More shirts and shorts than we know what to do with. Go to any yard sale and you can see it or I just need to look at my own ever growing “tee shirt collection”.

But how environmentally sound is the clothing and apparel industry? The quick answer is, not very at all. The cotton industry in particular is responsible for such a large amount of damage and resource depletion due to the overuse of pesticides and water especially. Even organic cotton uses so much water, in fact 400 Gallons to make on tee–shirt! Though many companies are stepping on the bandwagon(great!) few are truly embracing the idea of radically changing their processes.

One such company is LOOPTWORKS. Launched in September 2009, Looptworks is a ground-breaking business that repurposes abandoned materials into meaningful, long-lasting and limited-edition products. By re-using the world’s pre-consumer excess, the U.S.-based company aims to rid the world of waste while inspiring a generation to reduce their impact on the planet. The inaugural line includes jackets hoodies, skirts, shirts and graphic t-shirts for both men and women The Portland, Oregon-based start-up is led by apparel industry veterans with extensive experience from Nike, Adidas and Royal Robbins.

Megan and I knew we had to get involved in this so we talked to them and are now proud to be aboard as brand ambassadors as a part of their “Secret Agents” program. Guess its no secret that we are doing this because we are sharing it with you!

We have put their clothes to the test for the last 9 months and they hold up amazingly well. We have also used their blanks for our “Best F-Ing Year” T-Shirts and response has been over whelmingly positive!

Another really cool aspect of LOOPTWORKS is because they use industrial excess, they only do limited runs of their lines. So the collections are always changing! Pretty awesome and the freedom must be very powerful for them vs. the alternative.

We hope you take a look at their line and maybe hit em up over on Facebook and spread the word. They have been receiving some major awards as innovators and movers and shakers and that is just what the clothing industry needs, manufacturing as a  whole and mankind too!

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