Personal Revolution! vs…Failed Resolutions

So it’s Jan 11th and by most stats 75% of people’s New Year’s Resolutions have already been thrown by the way side.  By the end of March, 90% of those resolutions will have died off!  That’s kinda staggering considering we as a society have made the big “New Year’s Resolution” an annual event that is talked about in every media outlet, shared amongst so many in the home and the workplace etc, but that don’t really ever amount to much.

Why is that?!  Well first of all, I think the word resolution needs to be changed to revolution!  Resolution is like ‘resolving’ ourselves to do something…sounds like we are reluctant to do that thing and have thus kinda shrugged our shoulders and said “oh, ok fine, I’ll do it”.  Whereas REVOLUTION takes on a deeper meaning…it entails ACTION, POWER and the DRIVE to succeed against the odds!  Why not let the positive, exciting, and inspiring words creep out of our mouths vs the dirty, make you feel bad ones!

Any why once a year?   If you are a lifelong learner, lover and adventurer (or always wanted to be any of these) and committed to anything, then you should always have a set of goals, dreams and aspirations that you are constantly monitoring, reflecting upon and revising.  Every few weeks, I sit down with my crusty, stickered up notebook and write down “what I want” and how I might make that happen.  It seems so much more real and tangible then some big ‘resolution’ that most likely will allow LIFE to get in the way anyway.  And every few weeks, I find I am actually “crossing off” some of those things….because I am accomplishing them or at least have been able to make something apart of my everyday….which only leads to mission being accomplished!

This desire to learn, grow, be inspired and inspire others led Skye and I to create the Best F-ing Year.  Make each day count.  Before waking up each morning, lie in bed for a few minutes (even if you just have time for 1 minute!) and think about how you want that day to go, how do you want to make that particular day add up to being your Best F-ing Year?  Making a blanket statement on one day of the year has proven to be ineffective…lifelong betterment of self requires lifelong commitment.

Ryan Thibault from MTBVT showing off the goods.

There is a great power in “writing it down”!  Thought goes into it and so does action.  Try it!  Take a few minutes to write down what you want, post it somewhere you will see every day and watch it all happen!  Just as there is great power in taking a few minutes with your thoughts to create that action.

My trusty-crusty notebook

So what do you want?  Let’s bring up a few key resolution-turned-revolution areas people focus on this time of year….

  • Eat Better:  This can be easy if you break it down:  Cut out 1 ‘bad’ thing each week while adding in one ‘good’ thing each week….until your body has acclimated to the new – healthier- eating you!  I posted my Dirty Dozen list on my Roots Wise blog…so BAM, there is a start with cutting out the bad!  And then the ‘good’ is easy….eat one more piece of fruit each day or add one new veggie in each week that you eat in abundance that week.  Done!
  • Move Better:  Like the last blog post says…you CAN fit it in…for example; take 5 minutes on the top of every hour while at work or at home and move!  Pick a movement or 2 and work on it/them for 5 solid minutes.  Then pick a new move each hour.  By the end of the day you could have 40 minutes to an hour under your belt! Need help feel free to contact Skye and find more ideas.
  • Be Better: This could mean so many different things to so many different people.  Is that being more patient, more thoughtful, more creative, more happy, more social, more inspiring to others…does that mean being a better friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, brother, sister, father, mother, daughter, son….give yourself a few minutes, write it down and it WILL happen!

Use this site as a resource, which is exactly how we intended it to be….a place you can come back to for ideas, workouts, inspiration…whatever!  Check out Skye’s post yesterday about “Just Doing It” for some ideas on how you can make movement fit into your everyday, sign up to follow the blog and receive updates whenever we post something and you might just come across something interesting once and awhile, oh and keep up to date on the food side of things over on my Roots Wise site.

And of course stay tuned to the Mocean Project, we have a very exciting announcement soon that will hopefully help to inspire lots of you to make it your Best F-Ing Year!

3 thoughts on “Personal Revolution! vs…Failed Resolutions

  1. This was a great post with some nifty ideas! As I woke up this morning, I stayed and spent a minute or two thinking and planning about what I would eat today. It’s easy to grab the quickest and easiest thing, particularly when you’re feeling stressed, but today I made it a priority to think, plan and make healthy eating my focus. Thanks, Meg!

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