New Mocean365 video, Meg and Skye play in the park.

Today we headed out into the park nearby, brought some goodies like our Gibbon Slackline and our home made Turkish Bags and found some really fun terrain to get a Mocean session in. We always look for movement sessions that challenge us in many ways. Today we did some climbing, throwing, crawling, jumping, balancing, running, throwing and more all outdoors and while having way too much fun.

This style of movement really helps prepare us for the rigors of our lives whether we are winter surfing, working in the trades, building trails or like Meg the other day-night, working a 16 hour shift as an RN. We need to be prepared for anything and “being tired” just doesn’t cut it.

A bunch of people stopped and asked us what we are doing as they often do. We usually just reply, “having fun moving around outside” or something like that. But we always try and encourage people that they too CAN DO IT and don’t need a gym or a trainer or fancy equipment.

We got a few shots today and put together a video for you to check out. Hope you enjoy and always remember, YOU CAN DO IT!


skye and meg

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