“If You Think Adventure is Dangerous, Try Routine…It’s Lethal!”

Paulo Coelho also said “We humans have two great problems: the first is knowing when to begin, and the second is knowing when to stop.”

Yesterday Skye and I set for a leisurely 4 mile run…no big deal, down to the main road and back and then on with the day.  Skye had no problems understanding when to begin, but couldn’t quite figure out exactly when to stop….because his feet were so cold, he couldn’t feel the frostbite and blistering settling in!!  Oh I forgot to mention he was running barefoot as he usually does…



The guy is smart, he knows how to listen to his body, knows how to avoid danger more often than not, even when in very sketchy situations….but hey when your an adventurous kinda individual, ya gotta take what comes!   So, another lesson learned, another lesson to share, and another healing creation I get to concoct!!  I made up a super healing salve with lots of ingredients specific to this kind of damage and the regrowth has begun!!



Despite what comes, despite the pain and limping that sometimes follows, we will always take adventure over routine but we will also learn from each other’s experiences!  Just as Paulo Coelho also said “There is only one way to learn.  It’s through action.  Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey.”

Enjoy the Journey!

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8 thoughts on ““If You Think Adventure is Dangerous, Try Routine…It’s Lethal!”

    1. How cold was it. This does not look like frostbites it looks like regular blood blisters. If it was frostbite I would expect his small toes to be attacked too as they have less blood flow than the big toe. Also the blisters are at the places with most friction on the foot.

      1. yeah we were hoping for blood blisters too and had it not been for the temps in the teens, the excruciating pain that came with the defrosting of the rest of the foot and all the other fun symptoms, we would have gone with that too. who knows but the bigger picture sure wasn’t like any other blood blisters we seen and experienced….fun times regardless!

  1. i hope skye will take the time to heal and continue to listen to his body though i think his body should have talked to him before he went for a 4 mile barefoot adventure in freezing cold temperatures. i like Paulo Coelho a lot, but do you think this is what he had in mind in those words? impact through action in all things is a really positive message but i’m not sure he would have chosen these pictures to make his point! can frostbite support a dialogue of adventure over routine? yikes. maybe the lesson here is more about prevention and rehabilitation. thermal moccasins in the mail! maybe share that concoction! sending positive thoughts your way.

    1. Thanks for the spirit Linda! Though I would actually never presume to know what Paulo Coelho meant when he wrote any of his great works….that’s the beauty of interpretation…everyone has their own…but no I do not think he would have associated those pictures but it was fun anyway and isn’t that a big part of what it’s all about!

      1. you’re absolutley right and sorry i went off target on what was important. everyone does have their own interpretation of anything and everything. and people should never presume anything about anyone’s words or how people interpret them – even mine! have fun and just do what feels right.

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