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In 2019-2020, Skye partnered with Ninja MTB Performance and began teaching 2 day skills clinics via their program, throughout the West Coast. He taught in Bend(2 different times), Hood River, Oakridge, Mt Shasta, San Francisco(twice), Orange County, Santa Cruz as well as in Bandon, on the southern Oregon coast.

He just wrapped up the last clinic for his season the second week of November and is looking forward to even more clinics in 2020. At this point he will be at 14 clinics in 2021 throughout the PNW and California and will be adding some beyond.

The clinics offer participants a range of skill acquisition. During the two day clinics, there are specific focuses that riders can pick, or they can take the full two day curriculum. The clinics start with Fundamentals on Saturday morning. This portion of the clinic offer a focus on the needed and essential skills every rider should know to be safe and to have lots of fun on the trail whether they are just starting out or have been riding for years and needing a refresher. These can be taught in a gender specific setting(Women’s Fundamentals) or as a Co-Ed offering or even kids and all clinics are 6 to 1 student to coach ratio except kids which always have 2 instructors.

Moving from there, Saturday afternoon is dedicated to catching air, for the Mini-jumping Clinic. The focus here is setting a strong foundation and learning the concepts of airtime, including safely and systematically breaking down wheel lifts like the front and rear wheel lifts, manuals, bunnyhops and more.

Most often portable ramps are brought in or some venues offer natural jumping options. Participants are progressively taught right through the whole process until they are eventually learning how to first absorb jumps then moving into how to air jumps.

Sunday is dedicated to Intermediate/Advanced skills including drops, technical ascents/descents, navigating challenging terrain, strategies to increase speed and flow and a dedicated cornering clinic which for many is the highlight of the day. Cornering for many is the holy grail of bike handling and this portion sees pretty amazing progress as participants learn the art and flow and anatomy of cornering.

Skye is also stoked to partner with Ninja and offer private /individual/small group coaching. This is where people pick what they want to focus on and we meet at a venue and get instruction 100% geared towards your specific goals. Check out his instructor profile Here

Check out the full clinic offerings here and contact us if you are interested in either clinics or private coaching as we have discounts available to those of you reading this here.

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