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This is what we train for. We train outside anyway, not because we have to, but because of the research and science of the benefits of outdoor exposure partnered with our dedication to outdoor programming for well over 2 decades. This might sound self serving and condescending and we apologize if you may think that. It’s more of a global awakening to the level of unhealthiness globally, not just of us, but our biospheres from soils to air quality to our microbiome, the source of life as we know it.

Many are moving to the outdoors only because they can’t train indoors and that is great, and we hope an eye opening experience. We have many partners and friends that operate indoors exclusively and this is no slight to them.

As we move forward in this modern age, we see a slew of issues with sedentary and indoor based living and have been on this tip from day one. We were built for adversity and to toil and to get cold, hot and keep our systems in tune so they can regulate and steer us towards the elusive homeostasis.

We have asserted from day one that we are guides on this journey and You are really steering the ship. We might just help with the navigation so you can have a smoother journey and we offer support along the way.

Connection, awareness and skill development remains the cornerstone of what we teach here at Mocean365 and we see our students coming out the other end of this very strongly. Boosted immunity, increased body and situational awareness and newfound movement aptitude.

One gift from this time may be a reassertion of priorities. For all of the turmoil and chaos we are also seeing the converse. We are noticing families bonding and spending quality time together for the first time in years. We are seeing a closer look at educational modalities and a more proactive level of teaching. We are seeing people enter health food stores for the first time and see how important immunity is. Outdoor sports are booming. Surfing participation is at a literal all time high. The mountain bike industry is seeing historic levels of demand and wait times for parts and bikes is months.

This is not to say we are not also seeing the opposite including loss of life and loved ones globally and for those in marginalized communities, a real tangible uphill battle. We will also soon be faced with moral dilemmas as a vaccine is rushed to market and likely be required to participate in travel, work, school. Loved ones not able to be close their families at their time of passing and our elderly forced to be alone in nursing homes. This is truly a test.

We are here to do our best. We are looking at the research and gaining perspectives and trying not to allow our biases to get in the way of others opinions or conflicting science. We are quick to not write off counter views as conspiracy theory as we can see via the political world, most anything is possible.

I have been traveling, teaching 5-7 days per week during this, and working in the building trades. Talking to people from many walks of life, with very differing views and backgrounds and leanings. I know there is more to this than the generic big three…”Sanitize with chemicals, wear a flimsy mask and stay away from fellow humans”.

Here are some ideas:

Breathe Consciously-Learn about the function of diaphragmatic breathing and it’s importance ranging from nervous system regulation to a range of performance benefits. Meditation can also be vital here and is now scientifically proven.

Move Dynamically-From joint health, to eye function, posture and much more, dynamic movement is a necessity. Occupations are moving further and further away from movement and now keep many locked up in a non dynamic position for hours. Think about the ratios…Are you inactive for 23 hours a day? That ratio may need some work. I have been an advocate for many years for active jobs and will continue to do so until my time is done here. The greatest impact you may have on your health is to change what you do day to day and your occupation is one big way to make changes. This pandemic has also exposed a level of uncertainty to certain occupations and i’ve talked to many who have decided they no longer want sedentary based work. Explore dynamic movement options and if you must stay in sedentary/home based work, look at implementing more movement into your day.

Connect More– We are part of this biosphere..all of it from our fellow humans to the animals, flora and fauna etc. Connect more deeply however you can. Human touch is vital and think of all those hugs you have been suppressing. Hugs those you are living with more, love more deeply. Listen, take time to be there, we need this!

Get outside– The science world has spoken and there is countless studies on the benefits of outdoor exposure, even just being able to see outside for hospital patients! Look into the benefits of grounding. Even the mainstream is seeing interest in this area with people like Wim Hof and others making outdoor exposure more popular.

Toil-This is a major lack that is more and more apparent. This applies to the physical aspect which in turn dramatically affects us mentally. Not talking about hammering away on the computer or desk. Get your hands dirty, lift heavy odd objects, get cold/hot, hungry and tired. Take up a new hard endeavor that requires hard physical work. Imagine the work that millions and millions of the worlds population must do just to have access to clean water or to get to work. Remind yourself what it is like to do physical work and struggle, even if just a bit.

Learn new skills– We can benefit greatly from skill work and extensive research in the world of neuroscience proves that the learning process is highly beneficial. Are you a one trick pony? Stop that! Put yourself out there and keep learning, like we do as kids. Keep progressing, it is NEVER too late.

Lift up others-Many are struggling as the world keeps changing. In the midst of a pandemic throw in wildfires, economic crisis, war, climate change, social uprising, political chaos. We will likely see unparraleled levels of mental illnesses and its after affects(suicide etc) as we move through this pandemic. A simple smile, offering a neighbor help or even honoring others beliefs even when they might not align with your own. No politician is worth losing a friend, loved one, neighbor or connection over.

Immune Boost-Our immune systems have historically been capable of great feats for those that do their best to build them, instead of suppressing them. Our connection with the food we eat, the water we drink, the nutrients we take in, the quality of the air we breathe, our connection with the sun and the importance of sleep and recovery are vital. As soils deplete and animals we eat are poisoned, we must now look at supplementing our nutrition.

Educate Yourself– We are in the age of too much information eh?! The struggle these days might be sifting through it all. Think about starting with the basics. Read a book, write a letter, journal, listen to a educational podcast. Be mindful of cognitive dissonance. Go on a journey and lose the story that you tell that “I’m not a reader”, “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks” etc..Think simplicity first then build from there. The news is not education.

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