One Step=100% More

Lots of the work I do with students is to help them develop their own movement/lifestyle practice. A large amount of the population struggle greatly with just starting, following through or consistently practicing.

A large problem is the misconception often perpetuated that you need to do an hour of something to get benefits. So people start with that in mind and often go out too hard and either burn out, get hurt or quit if they cant find the time. Remember that you are embarking on a new path of learning so develop that mindset. Curiousity. And The Process. Here are some thoughts:

  • START SMALL. “It is better to do less than you hoped than nothing at all”-James Clear 1 rep is 100% more than zero. Do one pullup, 1 min of MTB practice, write one sentence. It is kind of a trick we are going for here with the brain. Just do one. This is the most important step..the FIRST ONE!!
  • Be consistent-” A little bit, alot” -Me. Even if that means consistently inconsistent. You don’t have to always do the same..just always do something moving you towards good habits,
  • Get creative-There is more than one way to do something and you do not have to follow a traditional path. Mix it up-If part of the challenge is you’re dreading what you are doing..mix it up! Don’t have equipment? Make it. etc
  • Ask for help-Being alone in this can trigger overwhelm. Grab a friend or tell others this is important to you and you need support. Community.

  • Stare are what you want to become“-Daniel Coyle said this and he is so right.-Spend time deeply observing other learners. Studies have shown the benefits of even brief exposure to a role model.

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