Welcome to the desert


Nothing like the beauty of the desert and riding bikes with good people makes it even better.

We are fresh back from a raucous celebration with the Guerrilla Gravity Bike crew based in Denver. They had a customer appreciation of sorts party in Moab Utah that was a total success!


Over 50 riders gathered to ride bikes all day and celebrate at night. Meg and I were brought in to help organize the festivities and rally the troops. We had multiple ride level shred sessions each day including a real fun shuttle day with Coyote Shuttle.


We also had an amazing time riding an amazing trail considered one of the sketchiest trails in the states called The Portal. It was no small feat to get 17 advanced riders down that beast in one piece.

One of the reasons it was so good is the bikes are..So Good! Made in the good ol’ US of A right in Colorado, these bikes ride amazingly well!


Below is the Portal trail. One wrong move and you might get acquainted with the Colorado river several hundred feet below you to the left..


If you want to check out a Guerrilla Gravity let us know and we can arrange a demo and help you through your purchase. Totally customizable from paint to geometry to parts. Check out the recent reviews in the November issue of Bike Magazine and the December issue of Dirt Rag where it was named one of the Editors Choices.



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