A wheel in Mocean, stays in Mocean!

The bicycle..ahhh proven more efficient than the most efficient animal on earth in terms of energy expenditure vs output. Less effort required than a fish expends swimming upstream.


A mountain bike is even a greater gift. Suspension, disc brakes, and a range of gearing that allows you to reach mountain tops or wherever you wanna go. Better yet..it allows you to descend those mountains, trails or whatever or wherever which a thrill better experienced than described.


The sport of mountain biking has evolved to the point where there are established networks in most areas and it’s growing quickly too! I am lucky enough to often be paid to build trail and it’s hard work yes, nearly as hard as commercial logging but it’s very rewarding! And the trails are evolving to the point where multi levels can ride safely as they see fit.


The bikes too in turn have evolved and now contain technology at the higher level, that was once the domain of motorcycles. Suspension and braking, gearing and geometry allow no limits to your level of expression. Look no further than the recent Red Bull Rampage where riders ride impossible lines verging on insanity.


So what are you waiting for??!! Mocean365 can help you get started too or a multitude of other options from coaching to guiding etc. It’s best to learn skills first if you haven’t ridden and a guide or coach can be a great start to maximize your riding time and minimize hospital visits..those will come later when you get stupid and daring! Kidding..sort of. Just a friendly reminder to get out there and make it happen and if you already are, pass it along to someone else and get them involved!


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