What is the best “movement”?

We are bombarded these days with people lauding their movement technique as the best.
Crossfit says their “athletes” are the best in the world despite the fact that the average crossfit members are office workers who just happen to be ready to throw down big time after work and vent their frustration of a bad day at the office.
Zumba teachers everywhere say that dancing is the way to bliss while the boot camp instructors teach a legion of desk jockeys how to prepare for…??
Yoga practioners swear that their practice is ancient and the way to develop the breath and the body and is..the way.
Natural movement “gurus” say we should move like our ancestors and crawl around like monkeys because that’s “how we were designed to move”.
The functional science “masters”say every move we do needs to be in perfect alignment with every neuron, nerve,  and muscle firing at the right moment and they have studies to prove that their way is..the best way.
Martial artists say they know the way and it is The Way..
Ido Portal just does what he does and everyone says we all need to just move like that..and call it good. If Ido does it, that must be the way..

Meanwhile there is a guy/gal who wakes up everyday at 4:30 am and like all of us, puts their boots on one at a time. But maybe those  boots are coated in mud and the socks are still wet from the day before. Feet are blistered and scarred as is much of the body but they just deal. The day is begun cold, and usually there is an element of fiddle Fuck to start a frozen engine to get it started before most people have woken up to their Zen alarm to get ready for their tough day at the office..
Maybe he/she gets spends a half hour in the cold getting their super heavy tools

loaded up for the days work, each tool requiring a different skill set.

The hands of this person is very calloused and strong as is most of their body. They are functional and adept at so many elements of life that are truly important.., how to build, create something from nothing, fix, repair, and help others who are helpless, clueless in need, overeducated in words,but illiterate in..action. 

These movers and extremely functional people are the people that make our modern, capitalistic world go round and round.They harvest the material ,food  and supplies needed for us to live our sedentary live…,logging and building, sowing and driving and pounding their bodies so we can stay safe in our urban caves.  They fix the toilets and plumbing, wiring, and structure of our homes and save it from fire when it all goes awry. They make those unpleasantries of life go away..flushing away the reality of our true hunter and gatherer background allowing us to tweet and Twitter to the rhythm of the fart fan.

These people work everyday in danger, maybe a saw blade, tree, or electric wire could quickly end it all and if insurance were an option and it most often isn’t, guess what…They would have to pay for it all out of pocket..

The world of health and fitness meanwhile struggles to find artificial terrain and modalities to try to “build real world fitness” and make us “functional” but sadly, most trainers and fitness gurus and everyone that follows them more than likely just quit if they had to spend a week in their shoes/boots.

The brutal reality of a worker whose sole responsibility is to clear roofs off of massive loads of snow is beyond the capacity of the average person who has spent the majority of their lives in offices.

The fitness industry throws around promises and says that they have the answers, (myself included) and even though I work regularly in the trades..really the fitness industry as a whole is geared towards..helping office workers try and replicate natural and genetic coding, moving “sort of the way we were designed.”

I am not just talking about traditional gyms 
and trainers but a large majority of all movement programs are basically playing pretend from Yoga to Cross fit, Bootcamps, Natural Movement and Functional Training…it’s all kind of a show right? What’s the point of it all of we can’t change a flat tire, pound a nail, cut our own firewood, grow food or hell, even MacGyver our way through a problem?!

Not meant to be cynical, just food for thought. Maybe we should work more on practical skills and truly using our minds the way they were designed. Perhaps intuition should trump fear allowing us to truly develop our natural movement patterns. Maybe self reliance could be a new resolution and lead us to provide new found “fitness” as we provide our own heat source for the winter in the form of firewood..our callouses being a bonus.
Perhaps a new approach to fitness is just ditching it all..The gyms seem so silly really when compared to our natural world of stone, dirt and wood Dont they?

The answers to our “health and fitness” might just be right in front of us  after all. Just ask your grandpa.


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3 thoughts on “What is the best “movement”?

  1. Well said, brother! Finding the balance in it all is so important. In the past I have struggled with the guilt of not getting to the gym on days that I have had to move horse shit, shovel snow, clean a house, or busy my ass waiting tables for 12 hours. Now, if I get there (the gym or equivalent), I get there, but I use it as I would use any supplement… I would never eat vitamins and protein drinks in place of a good burger and salad, or a pot of homemade chicken soup! Great post! Thanks for putting it out there.

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