Voltaic Systems partners with The Mocean Project/Mocean365


      (Photo Courtesy of Voltaic Systems)

We are stoked, overjoyed and elated!..to announce Voltaic Systems and The Mocean Project/Mocean365 are working together. We are one of 4 people chosen to test and report back our findings of their amazing line of solar products. They are based out of Brooklyn NY and are very supportive of tiny home and van culture. We have been using their products and are amazed by the simplicity, compactness and power of such a small system. We will be reporting more once we get our system installed but have been using the products and can’t say enough!

Here is a video that shows a similar setup to the one we will be using in our van. Check them out as well if you need portable power from the sun, the price of solar is really far more affordable than you may think! Check their site here



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