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10513267_10152123856496567_5368810481907804846_nMovement and adventure and physical and mental vitality have been a focus of my life for many years now. This focus has been constant and unrelenting and though its obvious that many people have benefited from it, IT has also caused great frustration. Working as a movement professional is always an interesting experience as you are constantly not only teaching but really Learning. Any great teacher must be a student. This process has made me realize that things have just changed plain and simple. As much as there is slowly a switch happening towards natural movement and an appreciation for the outdoors and adventure, there is still a long road.

Why? Well because plain and simple as our friend Frank Forencich likes to say, we are living in an alien environment. The lifestyles of people today are not at all in alignment with our initial genesis. And number one at the center of this seems to be stress and discontent. Plain and simple this de evolving of mankind has led to general unhappiness and a universal feeling of discontent. People are finally recognizing that this misalignment in our approach and focus in our lives is really not working. Civil disobedience, unrest, the 99%, war, uprising. The world is tumultuous and ready for change which actually is very exciting and has led to my own switch in approach to how to teach and share the lessons I have learned with others.

People have lost sight with their dreams and focus in life. Doing a barefoot movement session might be a jump start for many but it isn’t practical or even possible for all. I myself recently had a meltdown in my own life. Felt like i was beating my head against the wall especially in regards to how my movement teaching model was not reaching more people. Financially I have struggled for most of my adult life (though part of that is expected due to my passion for travel and adventure). I also have not found the spot to call home and it was finally taking its toll. You know that feeling of “wow, i really love where i live and am inspired by my living space”? Well, that was missing. Broke, stressed, and trying to push forward and it was effecting my personal and professional life. My relationship with my partner was even off. But of course a sudden reflection and appreciation and gratitude for all of the amazing things in life and a shift in perspective and approach snapped me back to the mission. It made me realize that losing sight of our dreams and sense of purpose and JOY was entirely unacceptable and undesirable. Out of the ashes of this arose my new mission and purpose.

A re alignment with our dreams and purpose is imperative in the pursuit of happiness and well being and regaining our PURPOSE.

Seek Your Bliss NOW! is just that..a reawakening and realignment with our dreams. The mission of Seek Your Bliss NOW! is, “To live the lives of our dreams on our own terms and commit to inspire, encourage and help others to do the same”.

So much of my sharing ideas and stories like we have done here on The Mocean Project, will now be shifted to Seek Your Bliss NOW! and building a community of people worldwide who are committed to realigning with their purpose, their fire and spark regardless of what that may be. Its not about surfing and trail work for most people or even adventure and these stories need to be told. We are building a tribe of individuals who have the courage to pursue their dreams and its my hope that you will come along if you have made it this far reading my babble.

So see you at and hit us up and share your story! Also check us out on Instagram and follow along and become a part of this exciting project @seekyourblissnow

Mahalo for your support, loyalty and belief in a better way!


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