Help New Zealand Organize Against Seabed Mining

New Zealand is the most amazing country I have ever been to and I have been lucky enough to go there twice. I have even worked there a bit as a seasonal farm worker and have driven from North to South, and  make great friends and lifelong experiences. It is a place that will change your life in my opinion. Some say it is like California before it was destroyed like in the 1930’s. Well now even this great country is in jeopardy of being exploited by a foreign based corporation that is hoping to profit off of its great natural resources. To me New Zealand is one of the last developed countries that has stayed on its own path as much as possible. It is a culturally rich area with the great Maori people who are very connected to the land. This mining will kill all the sea life in its path and really not even benefit Kiwis at all.

Watch this video to see a little more and realize how opposed people are to this.


How can you help? Well you can write directly to the Prime Minister like i did here or you could go to the organized group that is battling the proposed destruction Kiwi’s Against Seabed Mining (KASM)  by going to their Facebook page here.  You can check out a full story on this over at KorduroyTv as well by clicking here.  Do what you can, for us here it only takes a minute and to all my NZ brethren GIVE IT HELL MAN!!!



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