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LOOPTWORKS Secret Agents: Meg and Skye

LOOPTWORKS is excited to introduce Meg and Skye, two individuals dedicated to the power of carpe diem. Definitely check out their blog – they’ve got some seriously addictive video browsing and of course Mocean Mate´ – their herbal motion potion.

Hailing from the beautiful state of Vermont, tell us more Mocean team!

Bonnie and Clyde may just be an inspiration but instead of robbing banks and crashing cars, we are jumping bikes, surfing waves and having fun together everyday possible in this crazy world!

We started our new business Mocean Mate’, together as a melding of our two respective projects. Mocean365(Mocean as in Motion inspired by the Ocean=Mocean) promotes Movement Adventures and living healthy and active lives outside 365 days a year. Megan’s project “Rootswise” gets people the herbal goods and expert advice on how to maximize the quality of their food intake. She works with people where they are at and makes it fun and easy to digest (pun intended).

We team up whenever possible to work on projects whether its filming, leading outdoor adventure based fitness sessions or getting people our “potion” that you have to try Mocean Mate’! Our slogan is “Energize Your Adventures” and that is what we want to do.

We truly believe in living our lives fully and inspiring others to do the same. We don’t preach but we practice a lot. We work hard and we play hard and try and make the most of every day possible. We also love working with people with similar missions whether its adventure or business and believe in the importance of protecting the great natural playgrounds we are blessed to play and work in from the forests to the mountains to the wonderful ocean.


Rock on!

S+M (Skye and Meg)

Give us feedback good or bad we want to hear it!

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