Tiny Homes book review by Skye is up on KorduroyTV.

Really stoked on sending some writing and content over to the crew at KorduroyTV.  These guys are amazing and I’m honored to have some work chosen to publish on there.

We feel pretty strongly about tiny homes living and culture. Why? Well, it just makes sense in so many ways. We really just need shelter and space to sleep especially if we are driven to be outside so much right? Simplifying our lives is key to overall happiness in my opinion and also is very practical on so many levels including financially. Tiny homes could encompass homes, small structures like tree houses, buses, boats and a myriad of other options that have a small footprint by design.

Check out the book review of “Tiny Homes” by Lloyd Kahn up there now and really you should get a copy of the book. The author, Lloyd Kahn wrote the seminal book “Shelter” back in 73′ that ushered in an era of smaller is better in regards to living and off the grid before it “was cool”.

(A special thanks goes to my editor, Linda Meier for making sense of my mumble jumble)

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2 thoughts on “Tiny Homes book review by Skye is up on KorduroyTV.

  1. good book. hope folk see and read it. decreasing our footprint and increasing our quality of life – what could be more important. glad to have read review and well said skye.

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