Bush whackin’ or singletrackin’?!

Back in my early days of mountain biking there always seemed to be an element of adventure. So much so that I developed a bit of reputation for it amongst my riding buddies. Bush whacking was part of the ride. This was before 100 mile trail networks of buff singletrack and continued for long after as well because you had to drive too damn far to get to those kinda places. Driving far seemed to defeat the purpose of pedaling back then.
Well Meg got to see me in my glory again the other night and we turned what could have been an hour or so of VT singetrack into a mini epic adventure of about 3 hours and snuck out as the sun went to hide for the night.


We had an idea of where we were…Vaguely at least but an idea nonetheless and I was giddy with excitement as we went deeper and deeper and any semblance of a trail vanished in the dust…And Meg was astonished by the beauty we were stumbling upon. It was a veritible rainforest with chest high ferns and spongy moss abound. We found amazing sugar woods and old relics of Vermont living.


We eventually reamerged and found some familiar terrain that was nothing short of spectacular. We were covered in remnants of the first part of our journey including bug bites, mud, deer s$&t, and scratches but couldn’t have been happier! The ride required total physical immersion within the environment we were in. Climbing up, over and under logs, riding through unmarked terrain, carrying our bikes as much or more than we rode and basically having a blast. Highly reccommended if you find yourself in an area where its possible.
Private land is far better than state land but don’t get yourselves shot and clean up your divots.
Here’s a few pics of the ride.














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One thought on “Bush whackin’ or singletrackin’?!

  1. thats how many of the fine single tack of today came about….little bit of bushwacking,,,,,,always a fun time and you never know what you may come upon

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