Spread the stoke!

This morning went wrong right from the go. somehow the charger to the phone/alarm died in the night. maybe the mice were up to their shenanigans or the lady bugs got sick of us punting them around the house? at any rate, I had to miss my 6 am outdoor session up in Smugglers Notch, VT. I made a couple frantic calls to let folks know I wouldn’t make it but wasn’t sure if they would get them. That side of the mountain isnt all hooked up to the latest gadgetry(thank you!) so was hoping that they would just move and groove on their own. So after I finished my own movement session with some rocking medicine ball and Indo Board fun, I popped online to check my messages. My “Fakebook” inbox had a little message from one of the folks in the class that nearly brought a tear..

“We had a great class! I had everyone pick a movement that they had learned and we did some circuit training today.

 warmup, stretching – one lap around the parking lot – 20 burpees – lateral squat walk on both sides – pushups – bear crawl – tin man walk (balance one leg in front then behind) – plank – lap around the parking lot with 1/2 sprint – resting stretch, stand up, repeat – inchworm – 50 jumping jacks – lunges – crunches – high jump onto a rock – lap around the parking lot, at the end of the lot we hurdled each jersey berrier back and forth on both sides until we got to the end! – continued with our run to our gear – jogged backwards to our cars – cool down stretch So we kept our heart rate up throughout the whole workout and everyone had a great time! We took it as a challenge to use what we have learned.”  

here they are doing me proud!

Another great happening this week was two of my die-hard crazies, Brad and Jen Grant stepped up big time to lead a group of 40 kids in some Mocean inspired movement and get them rolling. This was their first time doing this and they did it with 40 Kids!!! So proud of you guys, you all rock!

This has been my goal from day one. I’m only one person and I’m not trying to build an empire about me. It’s about YOU and YOU and YOU and THEM and HE and SHE, spreading the stoke and moving. I don’t give a rats ass if you do it with me or with the guy down the road. Inside or outside, in your basement or at a Zumba or Yoga class. Whether you do bootcamp or go to the gym or maybe you just work physical jobs like me and you do stuff to stay strong and limber and injury free and young. The point is TO DO IT. Please people.The state of health in this country is in serious danger so everyone stand up..WE WANT EVERYONE TO BE STOKED WITH THEIR HEALTH AND BE HAPPY!!!

So maybe I’ll make this a habit, I could sure use the sleep. Ha ha, have a great day everyone!! Thank YOU for the inspiration!

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