Finding an Adventure Anywhere at Anytime

Adventure is whatever you want it to be.  Adventure is the journey.  Adventure is exploring and opening yourself up to whatever comes your way and at the same time it is going out and seeking newness in everything you do.  It can be so simple.  It doesn’t have to cost a dime and you often do not have to travel far.  Adventure is wherever you want it to be!!  Even your on back yard or your on front porch!

Skye and I’s friend Will Castle, an adventurer himself, shared this perfect caption to go along with this simple yet right on video:

“Seasoned adventurer Alastair Humphreys has traveled the world.  Crossing the glacial highlands by foot and even biking around the world.  This past year though, Humphreys barely left his country.  Instead, he spent the year embarking on “micro…adventures” hoping to, as he says, “break down the elitism in adventuring”.   It doesnt have to be expensive, long, or far away. Adventure is always just the front door.

Go get it!!!



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